1. Wash your hands frequently and carefully

2. Avoid touching your face

3. Stop shaking hands and hugging people — for now

4. Don’t share personal items

5. Cover your mouth and nose when you cough and sneeze

6. Clean and disinfect surfaces

7. Take social distancing seriously

8. Do not gather in groups

9. Avoid eating or drinking in public places

10. Wash fresh groceries

11. Wear a (homemade) mask

12. Self-quarantine if sick


Why are these measures so important?

1.You may not have symptoms

2.You can still spread the virus

3.It has a longer incubation time

4.You may get sicker, faster

5.It can stay alive in the air

6.You may be very contagious

7.Your nose and mouth are more susceptible

8.It may travel through the body faster


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