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hbcarmor material type and thickness for armour

Material Types and Thickness Selection for BUHURT & LARP Armour

Material and thickness of metal selection is very important part of armour making 
Thickness and metal type Decides how you can use your Armour and gears,
There are lot's of Misconception regarding metal type and thickness in medieval and cosplay armour community , to help you understand the property and use of different material and thickness used in armour making we are writing this important post for you guys which will help you decide the right material for your next armour projects.
you can always contact our HBC Expert chat support to get recommendations and information regarding material selections and metal type sections.

Mild steel or iron is the most commonly used metal type in various operations of armour making,It is most Low price metal which get Rust easily,making of armour from this metal is relatively cheap because working with this metal is easy and it is available easily in low prices almost everywhere,

This kind of metal is softer and can not be heat treated to achieve more hardness.

 We recommend this metal to used for LARP / Cosplays / Collections & Medieval reenactment Armour.

if you wanted to use this metal for Medieval combat sports like Buhurt our recommendation is to use Thick metal sheet for production of your armour and gears at least 3 mm for helmet.


Thickness choice - 0.8 mm to 4 mm



Stainless steel have the property of anti rust and it comes in various grades also , It is expensive material and Stainless steel is about 200 times more resistant to corrosion than mild steel.which makes it better material for Medieval combat sports Armour and gears,

 The antirust property of the stainless steel makes it more durable and less maintenance material for Armour.

Working with this steel is not an easy task specially cutting the thick sheet of stainless steel is difficult as compare to mild steel.


we recommend using this material for Buhurt / SCA and Other Medieval combat sports this material can also be used for LARP Armour making because of its Antirust Property this make Armour less maintenance and durability for Collection and display armour, This is Shiny material then mild also which makes it great for making shiny looking armour.


 Thickness choices - 0.8 mm to 3 mm



Tempered steel is an Alloy steel which is made from the mixing of many other metal and chemical compositions, This type of metal is very close to Mild steel when in annealed condition for making armour which make s it very good material for making Buhurt armour and Armour gears, But the Tricky part is to accurately Tempering the metal after Hardening and making the armour from it , This material demands proper knowledge in order to achieved desired hardness for Armour if the Hardness get high the metal can break like glass and if the hardness get low the Metal will be softer and get dents easily while hitting with metal weapons.

 Thats why its very danger material for making armour if you dont have proper knowledge of heat treatments and Hardness testing of the metal after treatment.


We Recommend using this material for Medieval combat Sports like BUHURT/ACL/IMCF/BOTN/SCA etc. But be sure that you are getting properly heat treated armour before use because it can be risky to use this metal if its not properly Tempered.


Thickness choices - 0.8 mm to 3 mm



Titanium is another Alloy Material the property of this metal is that it is Very lightweight but durable as same as stainless steel at the same time, this is a great material to use if you are looking for Lightweight armour and parts,

 This metal also can be used to make Armour parts like Gorget,Sabaton and Brigandine which makes your armour lighter and durable,

This is very expensive material and have difficulty in weldability that's why most of the armourer use this metal only with the parts which needs no weldability .


We Recommend using this metal for Some areas of buhurt armour and it can also be used for LARP Armour for Lightweight Armour.


Thickness choice- 0.8 mm to 2 mm

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