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What is the Difference Between LARP & BUHURT ?

What is the Difference Between LARP & BUHURT ?

When a new person join the Buhurt community or wanted to start Medieval steel fighting combat sports , they needs new armour to start there journey and they start searching cheap armour from ebay and other Facebook shops, and that's where most people get confused because " NOT ALL ARMOUR ARE BUHURT ARMOUR " Sometimes Armour made for buhurt and armour made for Medieval reenactments, costumes & LARP look like the same but there is difference in there making and used material which is very important to know if you are looking for Buhurt armour.
LARP (Live Action Role-Playing) is a form of role-playing that involves physically acting out the actions of a character, rather than just describing them. It can involve elements of combat, using foam or rubber weapons to represent swords, axes, and other weapons, but it can also be purely social or involve other types of gameplay.

Buhurt, on the other hand, is a specific type of LARP that focuses on armored combat. Buhurt events typically involve participants wearing armor and using weapons such as shields, swords, and maces to engage in mock battles. Buhurt can be seen as a type of extreme sport, as it involves physically demanding activities and requires a certain level of fitness and skill.

Both LARP and Buhurt can be organized around a variety of themes, such as fantasy, medieval, or science fiction. However, Buhurt tends to focus more on the combat aspect of LARP, while LARP can encompass a wider range of activities and gameplay.
Buhurt is Medieval steel armour combat sport in which people use real steel heavy weapons like swords,Maces,Falschions,Axes to hit the opponent, This is basically real fighting sport which involves real injuries,Broken bones and blood just like real war, There are several Medieval combat sports team and authorities and there rules & regulation can be different.
Because of the real steel weapon used in the Buhurt sport this sport demands strong and most durable Armour and Armour gears which can take real weapon hits and still keep the fighter safe inside, thats why Any person who is looking to join the Buhurt and Medieval steel fighting combat sport must use Tempered steel , Stainless steel and Thick heavy Mild steel Armour,
Always Buy Buhurt armour from the shop who have knowledge to make strong Armour and you must avoid using Decorative or Cosplay armour it can be deadly.
LARP,Cosplay or Fantasy fictional are used for costume and role plays purposes LARP community fight with Foam and Latex made weapons the risk of major injury in this kind of sport is very low hence you can use less thickness armour for LARP and cosplays.
LARP Armour can look very similar to the armour used in buhurt and that's why it creates confusion among New fighter join Buhurt.
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