Anatomical Pauldron Shoulder Armour for HMB/IMCF/ACL/Medieval Steel FIghting sports/Sca/Reenactments

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Manuscript Amiens BM MS.483 Eracles Dating 1440-1445 Location France Institution Bibliothèque d’Amiens Métropole Folio 012r

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Handmade STeel Anatomical Shoulder Protection Armour or Pauldrons are Designed to use in Medieval Combat Sport for Optimum Protection against Steel weapon Hits,One side cutted slots and Leather Mount solid steel Plates segments provide excellent Mobility and Protection at the same time.

*Material Choice – Mild steel / Stainless steel / Tempered Steel
*One Side in Plate Cutting SLots for better mobility
*Extra Covered Design to protect your shoulders From Hard hits of steel weapons
*Buff Polished FInish
*Steel Plates Mounted with Flexible yet Strong Leather for Better Mobility
*Smooth Functional Design of upper Pauldron Plates.
*Made to Your Size.
*Suitable for Medieval Steel Fighting Sports like ACL/HMB/IMCF/SCA and So on.

Additional information

Material & Thickness

Mild steel 1.6 mm, Stainless 1.2 mm, Tempered steel 1.2 mm