Full Western Buhurt Set (Battle Ready – HBC Armor Kit #1)

$ 1,399.00$ 1,499.00

Each #Kit consists of the following items:

*Wolf Rib Helmet  – Including Padding, Aventail and Helmet Secure Strap

(choose from 3 mm Mild steel or 2.5 mm Spring Hardened steel)

*Full Arm Set  – Including Plate Mittens for Hand, Articulated Arm & Shoulder Armor

(Made in 1.2 mm Spring Tempered steel)

*Brigandine (Kusnacht) – Incl. Hemet Secure Strap (1 mm Spring Tempered steel)

*Full Set Leg Armor – Including Articulated Legs-, Greaves and Multiple Segment Sabatons

(Made in 1.2 mm Spring Tempered steel)

Weight – 29 to 31 Kg (Depends on Client Measurements).

Handmade by HBC Armor.


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#HBC Armor is proud to announce it’s all new “Full Western Buhurt Set” for Medieval Fighting combat Sports such as #HMB, #IMCF and many more.

Based on historical sources and in fine-tune with the current regulations, this kit is “All You Need” to get started or to replace your old worn out armor.

The whole set is coordinated and optimized for #Full contact fighting sports and provides excellent Mobility and protection on the battlefield.

Best of all? Each Set is made according to your own personal sizes!

,it is simply the most fairly priced Full Set Armor in the market ,We Include Everything in the Armor which is important to make your Kit Complete,

The Kit Include Following items –

*Wolf Rib Helmet (HMB Legal ) (Made in 3 mm Mild steel or 2.5 mm Tempered spring steel Hardened)

*Full Arm Set (Including Plate Mitten for Hand and Shoulder Armor) (1.2 mm Spring Tempered steel)

*Brigandine (Made to Size) (1 mm Spring Tempered steel)

*Full Set Leg Armor (Including Greave & Plate Sabaton) (1.2 mm Spring Tempered steel)

Don’t miss this Chance and Order your Set today! We help you getting Started! Don’t save on your health, Upgrade your armor now and stay strong on the List.

Save more than 500,00 USD and get your kit for 999,00 USD ONLY!

Keep in mind This Christmas / New Years promotion lasts only from 09.12.2019 to 31.01.2020!

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