Klapvisor Bascinet Nuremberg (Reenactment/Medieval Combat/SCA)

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1350 to 1370 Western Europe Germany Region the Helmet is Stored in German National Museum (Nuremberg).

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Klapvisor Nuremberg German Bascinet is an European Style Helmet USed in 13th -14th Century.

  • Made from 2 mm to 3 mm Thickness
  • Material CHoices are Mild steel & STainless Steel.
  • Belt sand Buckles attached to stop the visor in Locking Position.
  • Buff Polish Finish To prevent from Rust
  • Chainmail Avental,Padding & Scale Aventail Are optional and will be cost Extra.
  • Handmadeby HBC Armor

Additional information

Material & Thickness

Mild Steel 2 mm, Mild Steel 3 mm, Stainless 2 mm, Stainless 3 mm