Medieval European Body Armor cuirass

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We made this Body Armor on Demand for a valuable customer of HBC Armor by providing Details of Custom Size and

some changes from the original Body Armor.Breastplate is a part of plate armour covering the body from the front. As the separate armor it appeared at the beginning of the XIV century. The earliest notes about such type of medieval torso protection is mentioned in the armor description of the English king Edward III. This manuscript was made by Gerard deTournai between 1337 and 1341 years and contains description of “Poitrines pour les joustes” (Breastplates for the duels).

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Medieval European Body Armor

  • Made in 2 Different Materials and Thickness
  • Buff Polishing or Blackened on Demand
  • Made to Size on Demand
  • Suitable for Medieval Reenactment &  Sport

Handmade by HBC Armor

Additional information

Material & Thickness

Mild steel 1.6 mm, Stainless 1.2 mm