Medieval Knight Armour Helmet for Medieval reenactment/SCA/Fantasy/Costumes

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Medieval Knight Armour Helmet is an European Style Helmet used in 15th -16th century The helmet is Closed in design and excellent for protect the head,face and Neck area.

*Made in Mild steel 1.2 mm to 1.6 mm on demand
*Moveable cheek and Face plate to Show the face
*Gorget plates are also Moveable and provide comfort while wearing the Helmet.
*Finishing choice – Blackened,Dull Buff Polishing & Shiny Buff Polishing.
*Fully Functional and can be wear (Please Note – Helmet comes without Padding so you need to install Padding according to your comfort after purchase the Helmet)
*Helmet is Suitable for Medieval Reenactment/SCA/HEMA/LARP/Costumes/Medieval Events/ and Decoration.

Size – We maek this Helmet in 3 General Sizes only (Small – 55 to 57Cm Head Circumfrence / Medium – 58 to 60 cm Head Circumfrence / Large – 61 to 63 cm Head Circumfrence.
All the size will be made on Order demand only and the padding room will be left extra in the helmet so you can add padding according to your comfort,we didnt provide padding for the helmet.

for any query related to this Helmet feel free to contact us or email us at – contact [!at]

Handmade by HBC Armor.

Additional information

Material & Thickness

Mild Steel 1.2 mm, Mild steel 1.6 mm


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