Milanese Brigandine – Covered Breastplate Body Armour (Buhurt/SCA/Medieval Reenactment/Medieval Combat Sports)

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Milanese Brigandine or Covered Breastplate is the combination of Brigandine and Medieval cuirass Body Armor,a solid constructed Handmade steel body armor covered with Goat Suede Leather.

*Made in Various Material on demand
*Choose from Different thickness of the materail 0.8 mm to 1.6 mm
*Made to your size on Demand
*Available colour – Red,Black,Olive Green
*Suitable for Medieval Reenactment/Buhurt/SCA

Handmade by HBC Armor

Additional information

Material & Thickness

Stainless 1.2 mm, Titanium 1 mm


Black, Blue