Steel Mandalorian Helmet with View Finder (LARP/Fantasy Armour/Fantasy Costumes)

$ 349.00

PLEASE NOTE Before use the Helmet You need to install straps and Padding inside according to the size/comfort and use ability of the Helmet, we didn’t provide straps/Chainmail’s and padding with any Helmet,

We can Supply chainmail separated but not attached with any Helmet, Please Note that we only Offer Clean Metal Helmet with Vervels and Holes for Padding and Chainmail Attachment ant Provide any Helmet with Chainmail/Padding or strap Attached.

Helmet Pictures on our website with padding/chainmail & Leather straps attached are just for Show the Final Product and design only.

IMPORTANT NOTE for steel fighting in groups such as HMB, IMCF, ACS, and ACW Before you can use this helmet you will need to install a chin strap, a visor holds down strap, modern foam helmet padding, and a cotton helmet liner with neck protection such as a scale collar. The sizes listed for the helmets are based on the amount of padding recommend for steel fighting in groups such as HMB, IMCF, ACS, and ACW. You need to know the rules and requirements of the group that you use this helmet in. The user of this helmet is solely responsible for their own safety.



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Mandalorian Helmet Version -4 with View finder is a custom made Helmet made on demand of one of our valuable customer,

*Made in 18 G Mild steel totally Handmade construction
*Improoved overall design
*Moveable & Removeable Viewfinder
*Buff Polishing
*Black paint from inside to prevent from rust
*Suitable for Fantasy LARP/COstumes & Role Plays.

Handmade by HBC Armor