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Full armour set Medieval Combat Sports

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AREA OF USE: Reenactment


This full Armour set is Specially Optimized for Medieval Steel Armour Fighting Sports like - Buhurt / IMCF /ACL / ACW and so on.
Our Full Armour set Provides you Full Mobility and Protection in Battelfield, Brass Work in SOme areas give this armour apremium look,

To make this Armour Lightweight and Strong we use different Thickness and Material for Different Parts,

This Armour Consist Following Items -

1 - Spoletto Bascinet Helmet x 1 Pcs - ( Made in 2.5 mm Stainless steel )
2 - Chalkis Brigandine x 1 Pcs - ( Made in SS202 Pre hardened Plates 1 mm & 1.2 mm Thickness )
3 - Anatomical Spauldrons x 1 Pair - ( Made in 1.2 mm Tempered spring steel)
4 - Anatomical Arms x 1 Pair - ( Made in 1.2 mm Tempered spring steel )
5 - Goliath Mitten Gauntet x 1Pair - ( Made in 1.2 mm Tempered spring Steel)
6 - Groin Protector x 1 Pcs - ( Made in 1 mm Tempered spring steel )
7 - Thigh Armour x 1 Pair - ( Made in 1.2 mm Tempered spring steel)
8 - 3 Segment Greave x 1 Pair - ( Made in 0.8 mm ss 202 Pre Hardened steel)
9 - Plate Sabatons x 1 Pair - ( Made in 0.8 mm ss 202 Pre Hardened steel)

This Armour will be made on Demands only suitable for your Body size , NO Gambeson or Underarmour padding is included with this armour.

Production Time is 70 to 85 Business days.


IMPORTANT NOTE – Always try to share your measurements and Height/Weight details with your ordered item, These details will help us in sending you best suitable size available based on your Body type and size, check our Measurement guide for more details on how to take your body measurements properly.

CUSTOMISATION – If you want this Armor in your Unique Custom - size, Thickness, Material or Finishing  please choose the option CUSTOMISED and write us your Details by e-mail ( or Simply contact us via Chat options available on website and HBC Armor Expert will help and assist you with your Unique Custom order.

"for steel fighting in groups such as HMB, IMCF, ACS, and ACW Before you can use this helmet you will need to install a chin strap, a visor holds down strap, modern foam helmet padding, and a cotton helmet liner with neck protection such as a scale collar. The sizes listed for the helmets are based on the amount of padding recommend for steel fighting in groups such as HMB, IMCF, ACS, and ACW. You need to know the rules and requirements of the group that you use this helmet in. The user of this helmet is solely responsible for their own safety."


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